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March 27, 2011



Wow, you're committed. I would've probably opened a bottle of wine and eaten the chocolate straight. 6 hours? Day-um!


Holy cow. Remind me to get myself to the local chocolatier to spend $32 a pound on truffles, because there is no way in hell I'm spending 6 hours and messing up the kitchen to make them.

Yours are adorable, though, in a lumpy misshapen kind of way.


Oh. My. God. SIX HOURS. Never in a million years would have the fortitude to complete that activity. I would have been forced to take my daughter out for ice cream instead.


This post made me LMAO. That is all. XXOO


Wow. Just wow. Six hours is crazy.

Not a project that I would take on, because it would probably end with a very frazzled me and possibly a partially burned down kitchen. I'm totally impressed that you got all that chocolate tempered.

I liked the bunny that let the bear do his makeup. And the chocolate looks like it is very that is a plus.

Erin Margolin

yeah, i don't have a candy thermometer. but the chocolate sure looks good!
proud of you for attempting this! i wouldn't have been so brave!


Hah... that tickled me! Sounds like a PIA project but you sure did make the most of it!

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Useful tutorial very inspiring. You are very patient to spend 6 hours making truffles. Like that you put your imagination and create those little animal truffles :D So cute


How many of those hours did Angel spend "helping?"
Patience of a saint. Crazy like a fox. AND you have mad candy decorating skillz. :)

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