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July 14, 2009



Mmmmm, sounds loverly.


Where is it located? Sounds great!

Dawn K.

Sounds divine!


ooo - i need to get me one of those!


and one entry to grow (and sweat?)on.

heck - for a deep tissue massage, I may just enter every day for a week. Weep, Rita. :)


Dude, you are cool. Where is it located, in case I don't win : )

Rita Arens

It's in Overland Park on 107th and Metcalf by the old Sun Publications building.


increasing my odds.


did i mention that...

(for a massage, that is)


and still increasing case i forget later.

Dawn K.

Trying to get ready for the Susan G. Komen 5k, so this would be a nice way to reward myself!


fighting unfairly. sorta.


i have to at least try. my last massage was mid-08.


hi again.

Average Jane

I'm all about deep-tissue massages and spa services. Sign me up!

Dawn K.

Would much rather be spending my Monday at the spa rather than work!


happy Monday!


dreaming of a deep tissue massage - ahhh...


Should I be a Kansas resident?


Just because I can do it!

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