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November 25, 2007



Yams, you make me fat;
Even so, you are too good.
Our days must be short.


I love photographs
Window to the world so bright


Yams, o starchy roots,
Without marshmallows, you are
just Sweet Potatoes

Go yam haiku! :)

Average Jane

Here's my childhood memory of yams:

Swimming in maple syrup,
Goodness made icky


Second class veggie
Conveyor of marshmallow
On Thanksgiving shines


So hard to find here
and means so much; reminds me
of holiday's warmth

Yams are very hard to find in France. Boo.


Yams in my belly.
Memories of happiness
during family fun!


yams are not even
distantly related to
the sweet potato


backing up above
with link to scientific
mumbo jumbo - click


I yam what I yam
Says Popeye the Sailor Man
So yam I, says me!


yams and falling leaves
bonfires, hayrides and cider
colors of autumn


I like Kris's--where did my first two go?

Ripe, golden autumn
best with nutmeg, brown sugar
a butter sunset.

(I like sunsets)


I posted these on your first mention of this contest. Here they are again!

My ex the good chef
Made a fabulous yam dish
One good memory

yams with gooey lumps
marshmallows are the reason
to keep stuffing face

yams, o yams we love
memories are made of these
makes orange baby poo


Sweetened carbo gold
Bite after bite of delight
To the gym I go.


From the dark cold earth
Come delicious golden roots
To my mouth, they melt.


Yams. Hams? No, yams. Lambs?
No, yams, Yams, YAms, YAMs, YAMS YAMSSS!!
Sheesh, stop YAMmering.

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