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March 05, 2010



I love me some cute elephants.


Oh lord, my daughter LOVES her some elephants, and her birthday is coming up. She would love love love to have that.

And... really, we can enter as many times as we want? I can just sit here and enter all day...? ;)

Rita Arens

Yup, Mir -- enter away!


oh my! those elephants are so cute!


Elephants would be great for my daughter's room - thanks for the great giveaway opportunity


Very cute :)

Tricia Anderson

Love the art! Fantastic...and I love your blog too.

Lisa K. Rosenstein

Love that flower!!!


Adorable elephants!


Oh I love that! My daughter has an elephant sized personality - maybe she'd let me hang it in her room?

Michele Banks

Hi there - I'm the artist. I just wanted to mention that if you like the elephants, I have similar collages in my shop with bunnies, hamsters, rhinos, teddy bears, coffee cups, pandas and cats. Check them out at Thanks!

Amelia Sprout

I love those! What a great way to make a connection!


I still love those elephants. Just sayin'.


And I kind of thing entering a million times is weird and obnoxious.


But I'm going to anyway.


Because (did I mention?) my girl loooooves elephants.


Also, did I mention she has a birthday coming up?


She's going to be 12. Which is all grown up, I guess.


But not too old for elephants. I hope.


I should probably get back to work and stop spamming your comments....

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